Rural BC Party releases policy framework

The party has released its policy framework as we head in to this snap election. We have lots of policies on how to help rural BC communities thrive and we can boil them down into these main areas:


  • Advocating for a new Ministry dedicated to Rural Development
  • Sharing of Rural Resource Industry revenues with Rural British Columbians
  • Supporting vibrant, sustainable, responsible Resource Industries while also diversifying the Rural Economy (“Towns with industries, not industrial towns”)
  • Equitable medical access for Rural British Columbians. Rural residents should be able to access the same medical services as urban residents without financial barrier.
  • Equal access to communications infrastructure (Internet and Cellular) for Rural British Columbians
  • ICBC Reform- an end to Rural B.C. subsidizing urban drivers.
  • MLAs who will identify and advocate for action on issues or opportunities specific to the region they represent. The Rural BC Party will support our MLAs in getting action on important issues that go unrecognized by the other urban-centric parties.

Click here to download the entire polcy framework: download here


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