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2018/09/06 - Houston, BC

The Rural BC Party has formed and is starting to build its base as an  alternative devoted to promoting and advocating for the residents of rural BC.


The Rural BC Party was founded in response to the growing concern that the existing major political parties are solely interested in supporting the voter-rich areas of the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island and have increasingly neglected rural BC.

“The people of rural BC are no longer willing to sit on the political sidelines. We are a major economic driver of the province, but we are increasingly forgotten about and neglected. Many communities are on life support and have never had the opportunity, or the means, to diversify their economies and truly flourish.” says Jonathan Van Barneveld, interim party leader and current councillor with the District of Houston.

“The Rural BC Party offers us a better alternative to the other parties. It will allow us to cut through the political rhetoric and truly advocate for the needs of rural BC. To properly represent the voices of rural BC, we believe that it is critical our representatives have full independence to represent their constituents, rather than Victoria’s wishes.” says Darcy Repen, mayor of Telkwa.    

The party has begun work to establish support in BC’s 23 rural ridings.

Van Barneveld feels that there is broad support for an alternative choice for rural BC residents.

“The party is new and fresh, and we’re looking for everyone’s feedback, support and comments as we continue to grow and build our campaign.” he said.

For more information please visit our website:
Logos for media use are available here

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1.250.845.8555
Facebook: @ruralbc
Twitter: @ruralbcparty


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